Allie Rae

About Allie Rae:

Despite not being the popular girl during her high school years, Allie Rae certainly made a name for herself as soon as she joined the pornographic scene in the year 2014 at the age of 19. She was born in Tennessee with a loving Christian household, but kept to herself often and did not have enough opportunities to express herself. Before starting her porn career, Allie worked in a sex toy shop and found a group of people who were open minded and did not judge her curiosity in the art of sex. She began modelling and later on deciding to apply to porn agencies in which she found her niche.<br/><br/>You'd think she'd be one of the innocent ones, with her blonde locks and striking blue eyes, but she is a temptress who can make you throb and ache with just a sultry look. Allie Rae has admitted that she has been kinky and enjoyed masturbating more than anything else. With her talents and looks, she quickly rose to be one of the top starlets and has worked with numerous famous production companies in the industry.

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Allie Rae

Scenes with Allie Rae:
Models: Allie Rae, Mark Wood
33 minutes