Jiz Lee

About Jiz Lee:

Jiz Lee was born October 30, 1980 and hails from the beautiful state of Hawai’i. Jiz Lee identifies as genderqueer, preferring the use of epicene or gender-neutral pronouns such as they, them, and theirs. Jiz is an advocate for the ethical production and consumption of pornography. In particular, Jiz advocates for the labor rights and sexual autonomy of adult entertainment performers on-set. Ok, I know we just threw a lot of big words out there, but Jiz is an amazing person who is queer, they like to be called they and not the traditional he or she, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like that, but you should respect their wishes. They like to fuck like crazy and that’s all that should matter. They have performed in porn for over a decade, appearing in more than 200 projects from six countries spanning all types of genres, from independent erotic films to hardcore gonzo porn. They have a really cool androgynous look to them and that works for many when it comes to jerking off, because people can decide in their own right who or what they’re masturbating to. Besides being super smart and inclusive of all peoples and a great fuck, they have a bachelor’s degree in dance, so not only can they fuck like a fucking maniac, but they can kick ass in dancing. Fellow porn actor, Dana Vespoli had this to say about them, “Jiz is neither a ‘she’ nor a ‘he.’ Jiz is Jiz, and refuses to be identified by gender pronouns, or be recognized as female or male. It forces people to think when they address Jiz, and this raised a question for me: How do we self-identify? Do we leave it up to society, or do we demand society recognize us on our own terms? I have an enormous amount of admiration for Jiz, who chooses the latter.” So, check out their scenes, and watched them get fucked in some surreal situations. Go, like now, we’re not kidding!

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Jiz Lee

Scenes with Jiz Lee:
Models: Jiz Lee, Ruckus
24 minutes
Models: Jiz Lee, Manuel Ferrara
29 minutes