Carter Cruise's Step Mom Punishes Her Lesbian Teen Ass


Slutty teen Carter Cruise is always complaining about her creepy step-mom, Mona Wales. She's about ready to leave home for good. But Mona thinks they just need to get to know each other. What better way than to strip her step-daughter naked and stretch her little asshole? Mona holds nothing back with Carter. She climbs on top of her and beings kissing her. She pulls her panties down and begins playing with her tight little pussy and sweet little asshole. She wants this young all natural slut to know what a real woman can do. She gets into her toy drawer and pulls out a gag for Carter Cruise's slutty little mouth and a vibrator for her tight little pussy. The gag muffles her moans as the vibrator makes her scream with pleasure. When Carter has had her fill, Mona takes the gag out of her mouth and sits on Carter's cute face. She grinds on her mouth, taking pleasure as Carter licks her step-mom's tight little cunt and asshole. Next Mona puts Carter on all fours and begins playing with her asshole. She puts a big glass toy into her asshole while she plays with Carter's tight little pussy. Her Milf fingers fit perfectly inside of Carter's young ass as she stretches her open to the fullest. She'll need to be stretch because this milf has one more toy in her drawer and it's a big thick butt plug to put inside Carter while she licks and sucks on her tight little cunt. This role-play fantasy sex brings faux incest to the forefront when this evil stepmom fucks her daughter up the ass.


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