Dana Vespoli: Sleepover Bang!


Dana Vespoli, James Deen

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Dana Vespoli invites her good friend James Deen over to her place to hangout and have a sleep over. But secretly Dana wants to fuck she has been looking forward to it all day. So James and Dana hang out by the living room having a long conversation when Dana ask's if she can have a massage and James puts on a giant smile and agrees right away. They make their way over to the bedroom and Dana lay's flat on her stomach. They begin to make out and then Slowly James reaches into Dana's PJ's and begins to finger her eventually taking her bottoms off as well as his!. Dana lay's on her side welcoming for James to slide his cock deep into her pussy. James begins to pound away at Dana's wet pussy all while choking her out at the same time the way he knows she loves it! They continue to fuck like this until Dana gets on her stomach and arches her ass up so that James can fuck her from behind! James happily comply's and switches to this position once again sliding his cock in and pounding away at Dana's tight pussy. Dana is loving every second of having her tight pussy fucked she is ecstatic that she had James make his way here. James continues to pound away at Dana stretching her out with every thrust.They then begin to fuck in missionary with Dana's leg up in the air and they keep going like this kissing passionately. Until James finally stands up and pulls out and gives Dana a hot facial !


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