Sovereign Syre: Bound, Dunked and Fucked


The incredibly beautiful Sovereign Syre is sitting on the couch with her friend who she has just wanted to fuck for so long and something about him she just knows how kinky he is and she wants a piece of it. So Sovereign decides to do what she has been wanting to do and acts on her lust and starts to seduce her sexy friend . He quickly gets on board with what Sovereign is putting down and offers to show her his kinky toy collection so he can give her a night that she has never had before a night that she wont be forgetting. He quickly ties Sovereign up with his red rope and blindfolds her with his scarf and begins to spank her naked body and touch on her tits and kiss her neck and Sovereign is loving every second of it! He leads her to the bathroom where he has Sovereign sit down on the toilet and he whips his cock out and puts it right on her face. Like the good slut that she is she begins to immediately suck his cock hands free shoving it all the way down her throat. He drags her over to the bath tub which he ad filled up and bends her over into it dunking her head pulling her head back out while he fucks her tight pussy and continues dunking her head in the bath. Sovereign in loving every second of her kinky fuck session that she is having and is glad she decided to make this move. he then stands over the toilet and she comes and begins to suck on his hard cock before he bends her over the sink and fucks Sovereign from behind as he puts her face into the water. Right when he has to come Sovereign gets on her knees and sucks his cock welcoming his warm cum down her throat.


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