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If you’re following Dana Vespoli for a while now, you might have an idea on how she disciplines her step daughters or just generally deliver a lesson. If you’re not, it’s fine. Let us just give you an idea. Dana does some things in her own creative way. Like this one time, she was browsing Adrianna’s computer and she found some disturbing things on it. If it was hardcore porn or BDSM stuff, Dana understands that. But the things she saw… cannot be unseen. It was bestiality porn. Dana now comes up a special punishment for Adrianna. She whips up some symphony of sex toys that comes close to bestiality. This is to make Adrianna know what she’s been into. Dana calls Adrianna into the living room and had her strip naked. She grabs a carrot and made her hold it with her mouth. That same carrot, now wet, gets taken off and got stuck into Adrianna’s ass. Dana uses that carrot to make Adrianna’s ass ready for what’s coming next. Dana now grabs another thing from her stuff. To Adrianna’s surprise, it was a horse cock-sized dildo. It was massive that her mouth had a hard time taking it all in. Dana uses Adrianna’s mouth as a lube and had it inserted far up Adrianna’s ass. It was so massive that we’re pretty sure that after this, Adrianna is damaged. Dana got so into it that she made Adrianna lick her pussy to get off. Dana eventually grabbed that horse dildo and strapped it on to fuck Adrianna’s ass hole again. Adrianna must be hell of a slut that she decided that she to ride it. This happened until both of them got what they wanted. To finish this off, Dana and Adrianna goes on a 69 position to lick each other’s pussy.


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