Adriana Chechik: Face Fucked Underwater Breath Play


We love how vast the world is and making you learn new things everyday. People has too much free time and a big world to explore new ways in inducing orgasm. Many involve many complex toys and/or contraptions to make things a little different from the previous one. Like in this scene, Adriana Chechik and her friends, Dana Vespoli, Vanity, Chad Diamond and Wolf Hudson uses one of the most common things in the world— water. But first, they can’t really just dive right in to the main event without first making Adriana suck some dick. But they are not boring of a group to just shove dicks in her mouth. They did a little variation from the usual. First, Dana straps on a fake big dick to let her suck on it. It was the usual licking and gagging. Adriana’s mouth overflows with spit. Dana let her work it for a while until she back down to give way for their friend, Vanity. This person makes Adriana suck on the real dick this time. Vanity runs the hands all over Adriana’s body to make a little give and take. They went at it for a while and they went at it hard as it should be. At this point, Vanity already has broken Adriana’s mind. Adriana goes with every rough handling that Vanity makes. Vanity grabs Adriana by the hair and drags her outside like taking out a slut trash. Outside, friends are waiting. Chad and Wolf have their dicks out to take turns on shoving their dicks in her mouth. Four big cocks took turns on violating her. Now, for the part that involves the water we mentioned earlier, they let Adriana take a little dip every other time they fuck her mouth. They even have a camera set underwater to see her in it. In the end, they came on her mouth and made sure that she swallowed all of it.


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