Ashlyn Molloy and Dana Vespoli Lesbian Nature Fuck


To relieve stress, what’s better than walking in the woods in cold morning? The same thing but with lesbians fucking, of course. To make you see what we mean, we have Ashlyn Molloy and Dana Vespoli do the thing. It started off with just two girls bonding in the woods. Casual conversations and light mood made it even better. Once they reached a certain point in the trail, they decided to take a little rest. During this little break, the girls get a little bit touchy and start showing their tits, which is nice. Ashlyn goes first. She lifts up her shirt, revealing her cute tits. Dana says hello by licking and sucking on it for a bit. This snowballed into something greater after some time. Ashlyn lies on her back and lets Dana undress her. When her shaved pussy is revealed, Dana proceeds on licking on Ashlyn’s cunt. Ashlyn’s pleasured moans harmonize with the natural noises around them. Dana goes at it for a while until they exchanged places. Ashlyn now takes off Dana’s pants and bends over, showing her great ass to the public. Ashlyn brings back the favor by doing the same thing. Her tongue goes around Dana’s pussy for a while. Dana just lets out pleasured noises just like Ashlyn before. Naturally, they ended this pussy-licking bonding in the woods with a smile. They rest at the same spot for a while. But Ashylyn remembers that she didn’t fully return the favor yet. As they sit down next to each other, Ashlyn touches Dana’s tits and eventually sucks and licks those pair. Dana just let her do her thing. When they’re done, they just dress up, pack up and continue walking normally through the trail like they didn’t do one of the hottest things in public.


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