Ava Dalush and Dana Vespoli: Real Life Sex Tape


Ava Dalush, Dana Vespoli and Logan Pierce take a break from the usual scripted porn scenes and create a real sex tape in the bathroom. The scene opens up with Dana peeing in the toilet. She is wearing a black corset while Logan is in a black shirt and brown trousers. Dana and Logan start to flirt with one another inside the bathroom. Logan is in the bathroom butt naked when Ava enters. Ava is wearing a pink sweatshirt and black floral skirt. She happily dances around the camera, showing her pink panties. Logan pulled down her panties and licks her ass and pussy. Ava lets out sweet moans as Logan tickles her holes with his tongue. They share a deep passionate kiss before Ava kneels and sucks his hard cock. Dana enters the bathroom and joins the fun. The girls share Logan’s hard cock. They take turns in sucking his shaft and balls. Ava removes her shirt and her bra, freeing her big boobs. Dana continues to suck the dick of Logan while Ava is busy eating her pussy. Logan shoves his dick deep into Ava’s throat before pulling her on top of him. Ava guides his hard cock to her wet pussy. They fuck in a lotus position on the bathroom floor. While Ava and Logan are busy fucking their brains out, Dana is rubbing her pussy on the side. Logan lied on his back while Ava is still on top of him. They changed their position from the reverse cowgirl to doggystyle. Logan stuffs his hard dick deep into her pink pussy. Dana and Ava kissed each other while Logan is still busting his balls in Ava’s wet cunt. Dana and Ava changed their positions. Logan is now fucking Dana’s tight asshole while Ava is roughly rubbing her pussy. The threesome gets more intense as the trio keeps on changing their position. They try to utilize the small space of the bathroom as much as possible. When Logan feels like he is about to cum, he pulled out his penis from Ava’s luscious vagina. He strokes his dick while both girls wait patiently for his cum. Dana and Ava open their mouth wide as Logan shoots his cum to their pretty faces. The three of them feels satisfied with their intense threesome experience.


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