Bree Daniels, Sinn Sage, and Karlie Montana's All Girl Public Domination in A Thing of Beauty Part


Beautiful redhead babe Bree Daniels is walking alone in an unknown place. She is wearing a pretty colorful dress. Two girls in black clothes suddenly appear by her side. They grab Bree and lead her to a secluded tunnel. The girls in the black clothing are Karlie Montana and Sinn Sage. They push Bree firmly against the wall as they touch her voluptuous body. Sinn pulls Bree’s panties then licks her asshole and pussy. Karlie grabs a handful of her butt and presses it tightly. Sinn holds Bree’s hand above her head. The two girls remove Bree’s clothes and start having fun with her body. The combination of impact play and pussy worship makes Bree shiver in fear and excitement. She suddenly feels aroused with the thought of being abuse by two pretty babes. Karlie pulls down her pants and lets Bree eat her pussy. Sinn holds Bree by the head then presses her face firmly against Karlie’s bushy pussy. When it is Sinn’s turn to have her pussy eaten, she leans on the wall to stick her out in the air. Karlie shoves Bree’s face against Sinn's butt and pussy. The spanking and slapping continue as the two girls maintain their dominance over Bree. Bree is in between Karlie and Sinn. They pressed their butt together to make a sandwich out of Bree’s pretty face. Sinn brings out a dildo. She stuffs it into Bree’s tiny mouth. She gags as Sinn tries to force the sex toy down to her throat. Karlie kneels in front of Bree. She shoves the sex toy to her tiny pussy while she is licking her clit. The feeling of having her pussy penetrated while being licked by two playful tongues made Bree hornier. She is starting to enjoy the forceful lesbian threesome. Her soft moans are starting to fill up the tunnel. Bree’s body shivers uncontrollably as she cums hard on the cock. Bree can’t do anything but surrender her body to Karlie and Sinn. The girls stand beside Bree. They force her face to their pussy. It is amazing how Bree can make the two girls cum using only her mouth. Karlie and Sinn laugh villainously as they drag Bree’s naked body away from the camera.


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