Casey Calvert: Messy Anal Fantasy


At some possible level, almost all of us thought or imagined about fucking something supernatural that looks kinda erotic. One might stand above the rest— the beautiful temptress of the sea, mermaids. Let’s put aside the discussion of “where should we insert our dicks?” aside and just see what it looks like. We have Casey Calvert here to show us exactly that. Mick Blue goes poolside to watch Casey swim with her mermaid suit on. The suit involves the fish tail and nothing else. That particular detail made Mick stay and watch. After some time, he thought to himself, “what if I stick my dick into that?” and starts to get that realized. He goes into the pool and asked Casey to suck his dick but not that usual blowjob. Since they’re already in the water, why not do it underwater? Casey gladly did it and they did some Little Mermaid scene but only for the watching of degenerates. When Mick is already hard as diamonds, he carried Casey inside the house without the mermaid suit. There, they continued what they started. Casey gives Mick some good ol’ blowjob again. They lie down after for Mick to finally stick his dick inside her. They did it sideways and Casey goes on top for a bit. Mick now stops and let her lie down. Casey spreads her legs and Mick starts eating her ass. He resumes fucking her again with the same position like first but this time, he alternates from the pussy to her asshole. Casey then bends over to give him a good view of her ass. Mick licks it nicely and finally, gives her ass some good time. He sticks his dick in balls-deep. After doing that, he now goes around the room to fuck that hole in different positions and angles. From Casey going on top, being fucked sideways, from behind while standing up to finally, ride him again until her goes in completion. Mick unloads his cum into her mouth as his sign of showing gratitude for her hard work.


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