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Would you miss your checkups if your doctor is Chanel Preston and knowing that she’ll touch you in special places? We’re pretty sure that almost all of the audience will say no. The ones that says they’re okay to miss it, maybe rethink your life choices and come back… Just kidding! Anyway, here’s Jenna J Rose having her cunt played hard by Chanel. It starts off like any other vaginal checkups until Chanel’s movements just focused on making her feel good. The little instrument Chanel’s using to examine Jenna’s pussy becomes a bit too familiar with her pussy. Chanel even wets the thing using Jenna’s mouth. At this point, Jenna knew that this is something else but she didn’t show any form of resistance at all. In fact, when Chanel flipped her over to show her ass hole, Jenna uses another toy provided to play with her own ass hole. Chanel went at this pace for a while until she decides that Jenna should do the same thing to her too. Chanel sits and spreads her legs. Jenna uses another huge fake dick to use on Chanel. After wetting the thing with her mouth, Jenna now proceeds to use the fake dick to penetrate Chanel’s ass hole. Jenna even licks that pussy at some point to give her as much pleasure as possible. Seeing Chanel’s reactions, Jenna did a great job on abusing Chanel’s ass hole. At the end, you’ll see them pulling out another fake dick but this time, it’s twice the size they used before. Chanel and Jenna proceeds to lick that humongous dick as if their lives depended on it. When they were satisfied, Jenna just sat there like nothing happened as Chanel collects her clothes scattered all across the floor as if she didn’t abused their ass holes to have some good time.


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