Cherie Deville and Layla Price Religious Coruption


Busty blonde babes Cherie Deville and Layla Price ride an Uber car being driven by Chad Diamond. The two sexy girls verbally degrade and tease their nerdy uber driver. They start doing some lesbian action at the backseat. The religious driver protests with all his might. However, the teasing and humiliation are too much for the poor driver. Cherie and Layla remove all his clothes. They pull him out of the car. The girls show their tits and pussy to the driver. Chad continues to resist, but the allure of two blonde babes is something that can’t be refused. They get down to their knees and starts sucking his cock. The feeling of having two pretty sluts sharing his dick made the religious driver sex-craved beast. Cherie is the first one to be fucked in the pussy. Chad slides his big dick in and out of her wet cunt. The girls swap positions. It is now Layla’s turn to be pounded in the cunt. Her thick ass bounces wildly as they fuck in the cowgirl position. The two babes are waiting patiently for their turn. Chad is enjoying the awesome threesome. This is something that he can only experience once in a blue moon. As such, he needs to enjoy it as much as possible. The public threesome continues. The girls can’t get enough of his big white cock. They want to give the Wisconsin boy the very best Los Angeles experience. The three utilize the small space inside the car as much as possible. They stretch and flex their bodies, making it possible for them to fit in the car. Cherie and Layla creams on his cock. They reach orgasm over and over again. Chad continues to fuck the two whores until he feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his dick from Cherie’s puss and showers the two blondes with his warm cum. Cherie and Layla receive the semen with open mouth. They lick each other’s face, cleaning his cum off of it. They continue to kiss and lick each other. Chad’s face is full of disgust but at the same time excitement.


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