Dana Vespoli And Erik Everhard Have Real Sex


Dana Vespoli, Erik Everhard


Erik Everhard and Dana Vespoli are sitting on the white couch chatting. Dana is wearing a light blue dress while Erik is donning a black T-shirt and a pair of denim jeans. The conversation between the two porn stars are taking a bit too long. But their hand and body gestures prove that they are obviously interested in each other. The next scene cuts into Dana already lying on the couch, her face is almost distorted and almost says it all. She is having a good time. The camera pans down on Erik who is already eating her pussy. He must be doing something right since she is almost at her peak even though they just started. From French kissing her pussy, he kisses her on the lips, making her taste herself. Brunette beauty Dana unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants. The moment that Erik’s big dick is freed, she hurriedly grabs it and takes it inside her mouth, giving him a blowjob. She deepthroats until she almost chokes and his dick is hard and ready to fuck. Erik returns the favor and once again eats her pussy while he quickly strips her off of her clothes. With Dana’s pussy already wet, he begins their kinky sex. She then hops on top of him and slowly thrusts his big hard dick inside her tight pussy. He hits that pleasurable spot and she reacts by riding him really hard. She wants to cum soon. Erik slows her down and shifts their position. He makes her lie on her side, without pulling out, and gently fucks her in scoop me up. She loves it. To make her orgasm faster than she expects herself to, he raises one of her legs up and humps her harder, but this time, faster. Erik Everhard finishes their kinky sex by eating her pussy again. Dana Vespoli orgasms and she is very satisfied.


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