Dana Vespoli and Xander Corvus Real Sex


Dana Vespoli, Xander Corvus


We know that you experience being not enough for something or someone. Dana Vespoli got a little down and needs a friend at the moment. But somewhere, someone said that a shoulder to cry on can become a dick to ride on. You can take this scene as a perfect example for this. You can take it as a lesson and learn from it. In this line of business, you can learn new things, even unexpected ones. So Dana invites Xander Corpus for a little practice. She starts by sucking his big fat dick. Xander grabs the camera to have a POV of Dana doing it. She’s really good at it so you might not want to miss it. Xander even gives back the favor. He starts licking her cunt while Dana holds the camera to give a POV too. This doesn’t stop there though. When Xander decided that he wants to stick his dick inside her, Dana is still holding the camera, giving you a boner with a weird origin. It’s not everyday that you’ll see a POV of you getting fucked in the pussy. Moving on, Dana puts down the camera in the night stand and starts riding Xander. He plays with her tits since its already in front of his face. They eventually exchange positions. Xander goes on top, lifts one leg up and starts plowing her cunt. At some point, he lies down beside her to fuck her sideways but he got back up when he regains his stamina. When he was ready to cum, he lie down and let Dana take care of it. She repeats her incredible dick sucking abilities. Xander grabs the camera to show it to you. Xander came all over Dana and made her swallow some of it. Dana even had the decency to lick the dick clean afterwards.


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