Dana Vespoli Casting Couch With Danny Mountain


Scene starts with tattooed brunette Dana Vespoli seated on a couch, wearing nothing but her skin and a throw pillow on her lap that barely covers her bush. She tells the man behind the camera how real sex diary is going, and even gives a glimpse of her next project. Next scene shows her wearing a white shirt and jeans. She sits next to Danny Mountain, a man she’ll work with for the first time, but have known for years. The interview cum catching up took a turn. This time, there’s less words and more action. They shared kisses and touches that show exactly how hungry they are for each other’s body. Dana unbuckled Danny’s belt, and he did the rest to free his big dick. He also removed his white shirt and threw it elsewhere. Dana takes his cock in her mouth then down her throat. She removes her shirt, Danny pulls down her bra then takes her nipples to his mouth. This was while their hands are busy with each other’s private parts. Assuming another position, Dana bends over the couch while Danny eats her pussy from behind. She lies with her back on the couch while Danny’s mouth is still busy between her thighs. Knowing it’s her turn to please him, Dana knelt in front of Danny, her mouth doing wonders to his big dick. Unable to hold back their arousal, Danny enters Dana from behind before rimming her then fucking her once more. His cock stretches her pussy walls then her mouth, all to Dana’s delight. From being on all fours, to taking her from behind while lying on their side to riding her with her legs on her shoulder, Dana can only seem to enjoy what’s happening. Scene ends with her giving Danny a blowjob until he spilled his seeds all over her. Some she swallowed, some just gave her body a good creamy coverage.


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