Dana Vespoli Double Penetrated By Detectives in Descent Part 1


Dana Christie (Dana Vespoli) goes on her morning routine and makes her coffee until someone knocks on the door. She comes over to see who it is but when she opens the door, no one was there. Only a package containing a CD for her to watch was left at the doorstep. It contains some disturbing footages of her so she calls in detectives to get some help. After some intense questioning, somehow, the detectives arrived to a conclusion and felt the need to fuck her brains out. As always, A+ reasoning, detectives. As one guy makes sure that she won’t do any sudden movements, the other takes her pants off and starts eating her out. They now take their dicks out for her to suck. At this point, Dana gets handled less of a person but more of an object. An object that only exist to extract cum out of fat dicks. When she ends up on the floor, she sucks and jacks off the dicks that are poking her face. It didn’t even take a full minute for her to crumble down and just go with the flow. As Dana gets busy with the cocks, she slowly undresses herself. Her big tits get revealed. Eventually, she gets on all fours and starts taking a dick in one of her fuck holes. The other gets to solo her mouth. This system goes for a while. The guys just exchange holes to put their dicks in. After that some ‘gentle’ introduction, the move on to the real thing. One guy lies on his back for Dana to go on top. His little piggy goes to her ass. The other guy gets his little piggy go to her pussy. It’s double penetration time. As the two guys go on their own paces, Dana can only scream in pain and pleasure. The guys, being great partners, exchange fuck holes again to taste everything has to offer. They even kick it up a notch. They shared the same hole at some point. Two fat dicks rubs Dana’s insides at the same time. When the guys dumped their cums into her face and mouth, it reveals that she is only daydreaming all of this. All of it was a lie and product of her imagination, just like everything else in everybody’s lives.


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