Dana Vespoli Feminist Hero Role Reverasal


Dana Vespoli, Johnny Castle


Sexy gal Dana Vespoli enters the house while talking someone on the phone. She is wearing a black overall. Dana is a busy woman and has her life all figured out. She has a rising career and stable financial career. However, even a strong independent woman needs to cum. She orders the services of a male prostitute. Johnny Castle arrives at her house. She enjoys eyeing and touching his well-built body. Dana knows what she likes and doesn’t like. She gives him his payment so that they can start with their session. Johnny kisses her feet first before going for her lips. He continues to tease her with his warm lips before burying his face to her bushy pussy. After being licked properly, Dana gets on her knees to return the favor. Dana worships his cock like crazy. She licks the shaft and kisses the tip before trying to fit the whole cock into her mouth. Dana lies on the bed with her legs spread apart. Johnny shoves his dick deep inside her pussy. He slides it in and out her wet cunt. Dana can feel his dick churning the insides of her vagina. They continue to fuck in the missionary position before shifting to the spoon. The two continue to fuck each other hard. Dana gets on top of him and starts riding him. Her thick butt bounces on his cock s she grinds her ass against his crotch. They change their position to doggystyle. He keeps on fucking her from behind. Johnny always makes sure that he is doing his job right. He follows her instructions properly. They continue to fuck each other, letting the horny beasts within them take over their body. Johnny keeps on pounding his dick into her wet cunt until he feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his cock from her pussy then sprays his load all over his employer’s body. Dana willingly receives his cum. She strokes his dick, making sure to squeeze out every single drop of his cum.


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