Dana Vespoli Meet's Alex Legend


Alex Legend, Dana Vespoli


You know how interviews go. You will give your best impressions, answer some questions, flaunt your skills and other things worth mentioning while your interviewer do the interviewing in her bare tits facing you. Well, one of things mentioned here is only people like Dana Vespoli can do. But that doesn’t faze the interviewee, Alex Legend, at all. Dana is on the chair, naked, while asking Alex some questions about the business. Alex answered every question of Dana with confidence. Dana inspects Alex’s credentials, namely, his dick and ass. When she approved, she just sort of, let herself go and let Alex take over her body. Alex fondled every important parts of Dana. Alex now lies on the bed to let Dana suck his dick. But she don’t like the thought of the only one working at the time so she shifts her body making her pussy now on top of Alex’ face. They did the numbered position. Moving on, Dana now lies beside Alex to let her ass to be fucked sideways. They went at it for a while until Alex decides to change things up a bit. What he had in mind is making Dana lick his dick again and bending her over to fuck her from behind. He did exactly that. At the end, they ease up on banging each other and just touch themselves until they have to cum as they lay beside each other. Alex admires Dana’s body in his own way by sucking on her tits while jacking off. When he’s done, he goes on top of Dana and showered her tits with his resume in a form of cum. We also get a reaction segment from Dana at the end to know what she thinks about how he did and her overall impression with Alex.


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