Dana Vespoli is a Heartless Anal Addict in A Thing of Beauty Part 4


Dana Vespoli, Mick Blue


Dana Vespoli makes another good portrayal of a carnal she-devil in her Faustian feature “A Thing Of Beauty,” she’s equal parts beguiling and intimidating. The ambitious movie’s story surprises, convincing acting, hellish imagery and clever special effects ignite a potent variety of sex scenarios in a depraved re-imagination of the classic devil’s bargain. Natural-bodied redhead Bree Daniels’ transformation from mousy mess to confident cutie enhances her professional and sexual satisfaction. A man with something ripped off from his back marks sits while Dana Vespoli approaches him with lusty intentions. That same man starts examining Dana’s tits and pussy and just made her suck his dick just because he wills it. Dana goes at his dick hard. Same thing happened when the man wants it inside her. He lies down and made Dana do the fucking. She eventually get slammed on the table and gets fucked hard. The man gets a little rest when he pulls out and just hovers his dick over her face have her suck on it again. Dana then was dragged to go on all fours. The man fucks her hole from behind and went at it for a good amount of time. Next bit is quite interesting. Dana lies on her back and her legs behind her ear to expose her holes to the man. The man now penetrates her ass and goes at it really hard. The wingless man now fucks that hole with all his strength until he can’t do it anymore. Dana kneels down before him and he squirted his cum into her mouth for her to swallow. You might see a little lesbian action in the end so if you like that, make sure that you stay until the end. It might look like a prequel or sequel to something so if you want to know the story, you know what to do.


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