Dana Vespoli Gender Bender Anal Pop Star Sex


In striking Bowie-Esque face paint and formal attire, hot brunette babe, Dana Vespoli, joins kinky boy toy, Markus Dupree, for an indie session of anal fucking. Dana in pussy high green stockings shows off her beautiful big round ass, and her partner lifts his skin-tight dress to show her his cock, dana is quite intrigued by it. Now both wearing suits, dana squats down and releases his cock out of his polyester dungeon and shoves his cock into her mouth. With care, she tries to fit his whole dick in her mouth while still stroking his shaft, he grimaces and groans at the pleasure coming from her mouth. His pants fall to his knees and she grabs hold of his legs and shoves his cock deeper into her mouth, he doesn't allow her to use her hands and he face fucks her until her eyes water. Finally, she removes her suit jacket and her blouse to show off her amazing tits. He bends her over on the couch and licks her holes and covers her every crevice with his saliva to welcome his cock. He shoves his cock into her paint-smeared ass and she groans at the entrance of his dick. He makes her arch her back so that he can fuck her asshole deeper and harder. Dana groans and grimaces and moans as he continues to fuck her tight asshole. Her ass is red and welted from all the spanking and fucking. He lays with his back on the couch, she sits her asshole on his cock and she begins to ride and he sucks on her toes. She rides harder and more furiously, making her moan and scream out in pleasure. As she rides, she rubs her throbbing clit and he chokes and her eyes roll back, she's in euphoric heaven. He lays her on her back, and places her legs behind her head and rams his cock into her waiting asshole. He carries her and places her on the armrest of the couch and continues to fuck her ass, she moans and gasps at her asshole being fucked and stretched. He rams his cock into her mouth and she chokes, gasping for air, she's not allowed to use her hands and he shoves his cock until he hits the back of her throat. He bends her over the armrest of the couch and sticks his cock all the way up her ass until his pelvis is at the rim of her ass. She shrikes in pain but moans in pleasure. He lifts her leg and fucks her while she stands on one leg, he then lays on the couch and dana fucks his cock with her gaping asshole and he lifts her ass up and down, deeper and deeper. He feels he's about to cum and makes her get on her knees so that he can cum into her mouth. Dana licks and kisses every last drop of cum he has to offer.


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