Dana Vespoli Takes On Richie Calhoun


Dana Vespoli, Richie Calhoun


Dana Vespoli talks about one of the most memorable actor she worked with, Richie Calhoun. Said that Richie is one of the most unique people she encountered in the business. And now she’s gonna feature him in one of Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary to have another round of him. This starts off with Dana undressing Richie to get his dick out. Once out, she proceeds on sucking on it. This happens while Richie slowly takes out her tits to play with. He occasionally rubs her pussy while they kiss. Once done, Richie kindly asks Dana to lie on the table for him to eat her out. Dana’s lusty body just lies there quivering on every movement below her waist. Once he knows that Dana’s ready, he stands up and inserts his meat rod into her pussy. He raises on of Dana’s legs in the air and gets down to business. Richie does most of the work here. He just pounds that pussy until he feels the need to flip her over to get a new view. It’s almost like he’s preparing pancakes. After utilizing that table to fuck her brains out, he sits down and let Dana ride his dick. Her great ass just bounces around while being impaled from below. And it gets a close up too. Once he nears his end, Richie made Dana kneel and jack him off to completion. It was a success. He sprayed his cum all over Dana’s tits as a proof of peaking. Little did we know, Richie knows how to be nasty, too. At the end, once Dana cleans his dick off all the cum, Richi licks some of his cum from Dana’s tits and kissed her to pass it on. Dana swallowed all of that and quite surprised that he do that.


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