Dana Vespoli's Ass Drilled Beside Sleeping Ash Hollywood in Forsaken Part 2


Ash Hollywood’s sleep was disrupted when an uninvited shaking visited her bed. Now that she’s awake, she realized that her bedmate Dana vespoli is being ravaged by an unknown man. Dana is having the time of her life being fucked like a piece of cheap meat. The man, Michael Vagas continues this act while reaching for Dana’s big tits. All this is good and all until Dana felt a little confident and asked the man to lick her feet. Michael obliged and started sucking her toes. This continued for a while until the man got comfortable and starts touching something else. He reached for her choker and started pulling her to his direction. A little kiss here and there until Dana implied that she wants more— Michael got a little rougher. He slammed her to the bed and kept going. Ash, now awake and unable to go back to her own business, decided to continue spectating. Dana felt a little generous and decided to give Michael a head. Little did she know, Michael is going to make her regret doing that. It started slowly until she started choking on it. Michael felt he can give her the business, stood up and gave her a better angle. Maybe she loved it so much that she stopped using her mouth and started admiring his junk. She started rubbing the whole thing across her face. Michael took this as a cue that she wants it inside her, but this time, the positions are reversed. She started riding him and asked him to do her in her ass. Dana does her own business rubbing her pussy since her hole is busy being fucked. There are times when he just stops and starts playing with her taint and inserting his meat inside again. Near the end, Michael ran out of fuck to give and just started reaching for Ash’s ass without being noticed by Dana. Ash didn’t mind and just let him squeeze it like a day-old bread. Michael decided that he had enough. He made Dana kneel and beg for it. He showered his seed all over her face and mouth. Dana took all of it and winked. The scene ends with Dana admiring the result of her facial.


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