Dana Vespoli's Ass Ravaged By Her Therapist in Descent Part 4


Dana Vespoli, Mark Davis


Dana Christie (played by Dana Vespoli) takes the fourth installment of Descent in a medical setting. Suffering with her psychological distress, Dana seeks help from a therapist to help her figure that shit out. She opens up her mind to the doctor and incidentally, her pussy and ass too. The therapist, Mark Davis, starts off his ‘treatment’ by slowly running his hands on Dana’s body. From the bottom, he inspects everything Dana has to offer. When he gets to her tits, he brings out one tit from the clothes and starts sucking on it. Now that he knows Dana is on it too, he takes off her bottoms and starts feasting on her cunt. After that, Dana kneels down and starts sucking on his fat dick. He pushes her on the couch again and spreads her legs for him to play with. Before inserting his cock into her ass, he seeks lubrication from Dana’s mouth. Once he did, he proceeds to fuck Dana hard in her ass. Dana stands up and bends over to be fucked from a different angle. He pauses for a while and made her gag on his dick again before sitting down. Dana follows his lead and starts riding his cock. She automatically flip herself to give the viewers and Mark a different view while still being fucked hard. When he knew that end and him is coming, Dana was asked to lie down with her legs in the air. He goes at it a little harder than before. Occasionally, he places his hand over her neck to pin her down while still fucking her hard. When Mark was ready, he sat down and lets Dana suck off the cum out of him. Dana goes at it for a while. When the time comes, so did Mark. He showered the insides of her m mouth with cum, thus, marking the end of her treatment.


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