Jessie Andrews Public Lesbian Sex


Two friends decided to go around town and have some random fun. Dana Vespoli and Jessie Andrews drives around to do some stuff have fun in their day out. They went around for some time while chatting and giggling inside the car. Little did we know, these two particular women is friendly to each other or actually, too friendly to a point that they did some stuff that only (maybe) happens on a teenage sleepovers. They actually did try some stuff that might spark interest or something else to anyone watching. Well, what happened is Dana, at some point, has her hands inside Jessie’s pants to rub her out. The two did something along that line. They stopped and decided to walk through a park to have a change of pace. This was a nice way to end this meeting but apparently, they have a better idea in mind. The two heads to an abandoned tunnel. What happens next is gonna blow your tits off. After that stroll, now they’re in the tunnel. They actually went there to continue what they started in the car. Jessie leans back and she lets Dana do what she do best. After some rough kissing, Jessie’s tits gets revealed as Dana starts working with them. She licks and sucks Jessie’s nips and moved down to the next part. Her pussy now is getting some Dana treatment and from here, Jessie’s pleasure moans echoes to the tunnel. At some point, Dana made Jessie look the other way and bent her over for a better view. But Jessie is not that selfish to let Dana do all the work. Jessie brings everything back to Dana. She does what Dana did earlier. With everything said and done, they finished this nice ‘stroll’ in the park with a deep kiss and a smile. What’s a better way to end this than having some Lesbian fun up until the end?


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