Jodi Taylor: Evil Stepmom Fucks Her Ass


Punishments from people with a ‘step’ in front of their titles might sound bad but it’s actually really, really good, in cliché porn plots, at least. If you know what we’re talking about, you saw some good shit in some point of your life. But this scene might give you the same setting but fresh plots. Come around, lads. Dana Vespoli is gonna sodomize Jodi Taylor as a form of “disciplinary action” using fake dicks and some toys in a prison cell. Well, this starts as a normal step mom and step daughter serious talk. Dana, being an outstanding member of society, suggests on helping Jodi Taylor with her own way. She bends Jodi over to give her some rough spanking. She went at it until Jodi’s pale ass turns red because all of that spanking. After this, Dana now bring out one of her toys to use on Jodi. Dana uses this tool to play with her asshole for a bit. Step mom now sits on the prison bed while Jodi kneels in front of her. Dana stretches her foot for Jodi to suck on. Jodi had no choice but to comply. Dana now bends over to make that rebellious teen suck on her pussy. Dana eventually brings back the favor. After eating Jodi out while she’s bent over, Dana prepares Jodi’s asshole. She brings out two fake fat dicks. Dana uses it to fuck Jodi’s ass hole and using her mouth as a lubricator. After some back and forth, eating out each other’s cunts and ass fucking, Dana brings out yet another big fake dick. This time, it’s bigger than the two she brought out earlier. And it’s black, too. This gave Jodi a new take on being fucked hard. Dana ended her A+ parenting by stuffing that same toy in her mouth, leaving her gagging and overflowing with spit and regrets.


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