Kalina Ryu On-The-Road, Public Lesbian Sex


Dana Vespoli, Kalina Ryu


Kalina Ryu and Dana Vespoli is in the car having a very casual conversation. They are just talking about kinky stuff they’ve done in public. Their conversation got a little heated but not the way we are thinking about. It’s more of steamy conversation, really. Dana gets a little frisky and starts reaching on Kalina’s crotch. Dana just plays it off and acted like it’s just a joke but it went too long to be considered as one. Kalina just goes with it. She didn’t mind at all. In fact, she even took her tits out for Dana to fondle. It is a nice pair of tits for her body. Dana knows this too much that she starts teasing them nips. Dana decides to get a little more skittish with her jokes. She runs her finger along Kalina’s thighs and eventually on Kalina’s cunt. She plays with a little bit and Kalina lets out a cute moan. This signals Dana that she can proceed. She sticks her tongue outside and inside of Kalina’s hole. While her legs are in the air, she just smiles and giggles as she was being tongue-fucked by Dana. But Kalina isn’t a selfish bitch. She gives back the favor to Dana. She dresses Dana down and starts sucking on her tits and done the same thing to her. They get comfortable and starts going at it hard. They cycled from this same act but they bend over and back to give it a little twist. A kiss here and there is the backbone of this lesbian action. They aren’t done yet. The car’s backseat does not have enough space for their desires. Kalina open’s one door and lies down. On the other hand, Dana brings out her already-wet pussy closer to Kalina’s. They had an intense cunt to cunt action in public. Their pussies are enough give them a temporary satisfaction. In the end, they just laugh it off like its nothing.


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