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Busty babe London Keyes teases with the camera. Her red one-piece suit fully exposes her busty tits and huge ass. She dances erotically to the beat of the music, waving her hips to the rhythm of the beat. She bends over to make her asshole and pussy more visible to the camera. Every move of her hips makes her ass wriggle and making her pussy lips flap in excitement. London Keyes and her gal Dana Vespoli entered the house. While they are casually talking about some things, Dana began to finger London’s cute asshole. Dana started with two fingers and gradually inserts additional fingers until four of her fingers are deep inside her asshole. After using her fingers for a while, Dana strapped a dildo on her thighs and used it to anally fucked London. Dana applied more lubricant to the dildo to make it easier to insert it to London’s asshole. They changed their position from doggy style to missionary. The dildo is now being inserted deeper into London’s rectum. Her moans and scream filled the room. London spread her legs wide. She aggressively rubs her pussy as Dana continues to ravage her tight asshole with the make-shift strap-on. After a short while, Dana pulled out the dildo and fingers London’s pussy. London then rode Dana and inserted the dildo into her asshole. She begins to twerk her big butt while the dildo is still inside her. London began to treat the dildo like a real cock. She sucks it and put it between her huge breasts. She titty-fucked and deepthroats the dildo like a real cock. Dana removed the strap-on and brought out a fisting toy. Using London’s spit as a lubricant; Dana stuffed the toy into the asshole of London. London sucked on the toy to make it more lubed. Dana keeps on forcing the fisting toy into London’s tight asshole. Feeling that the asshole is wide enough, Dana inserted eight of her fingers into the hole. She tried to stretch it more by separating her hands. The scene ends with a close up of London’s cute anal hole.


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