Megan Rain Step Daughter Punished By Daddy


Pretty babe Megan Rain is talking loudly on the phone while lying on the bed. She is wearing a white tank top and denim shorts. Her step-father Tommy Pistol is working in the other room. Tommy can’t focus on his work because of all the noise. He can’t take it any longer so he goes to her bedroom. Tommy enters her room without any warning. He tries to scold her but Megan refuses to listen to him. Megan starts nagging him like her mommy. Tommy reaches his breaking point. He doesn’t care anymore. He decided to punish her step-daughter. The two starts touching each other. Tommy rubs her pussy while kissing her on the lips. Tommy turns her around and starts licking her pussy and ass. He pulls out his hard dick the shoves it deep into her pussy. He fucks her from behind passionately. Every thrust makes her teen butt to bounce lightly against his cock. Tommy lies down on the bed and lets her get on top of him. Megan begins to bounce on top of his crotch. His dick slides in and out her pussy. Megan can feel his cock dig deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her tight cunt creams on his cock. Megan turns around. They are now fucking in the reverse cowgirl position. She spreads her legs wide to make her stretched-out pussy more visible to the camera. Her perky tits bounce lightly with very thrust. Megan can’t do anything but moan and gasp loudly as Tommy continues to ravage her teen pussy. Tommy pulls out his cock from her pussy and lets her have a taste of her pussy juice. She sucks his cock before guiding it back to her pussy. The two fuck in a missionary position. Tommy plays with her clitoris while he pounds her wet cunt with his huge cock. The two continue to fuck each other until Tommy feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his cock from her thwat then shoots his cum all over her pretty face.


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