Mercedes Carrera Sumbits To Her Husbands Son


Mercedes Carrera, Tyler Nixon


A teen in a raging puberty phase is no joke. This animals driven mad by lust targets anyone in the immediate vicinity to release their pent up ‘aggression’. Mercedes Carrera is a victim of this one incident when Tyle Nixon acts up on his desires. Mercedes knows how hard it is to be inflicted with biological lust. So when his husband is out and the lusty step son made a move on her, she just accepted her fate and let things happen. Tyle goes up against this MILF slut of a step mom. He starts fondling her big tits and asked her to bend over on the couch. Mercedes did all what he asked. Being an obedient bitch, Tyle played her pussy for a while until he decided that he wants his dick sucked. Mercedes licked and sucked every bit of his dick. She even went on an extra mile by sticking his dick in between her humongous badonkers. This try-hard MILF slut does this for a while. When she’s done, she was bent over and got fucked from behind. Even being a MILF, she still had a nice, tight pussy so she had to hold on her butt cheeks to keep her pussy spread out. After a while, step son sits down and lets Mercedes gets to ride that huge dick but eventually she’s back on lying down with her legs in the air. Tyle gets to fuck her again in that position but a bit harder this time. He did for a long time and at some point, he lays down beside her to fuck her sideways. Anyway, Tyle, the lusty step-motherfucker has his limits too. Once he’s done wrecking that step-pussy, he hovers and starts jacking his dick to cum into Mercede’s mouth. She didn’t need some convincing though. She willfully opened her mouth and received all him and swallowed after like a nice bitch.


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