Nina Elle Fucks Her Evil Stepson


Porno really changed what people think when we hear ‘step’ in relationship. Or is it just us. Well, this scene features another plot where they just put ‘step’ on it to make it a little interesting. Nina Elle gets to do some ‘family bonding’ with her step son, Logan Pierce. This started as an innocent moment of Nina Elle just lounging around the house when her step son watches her in a different way several times. This goes on for a while until Nina goes into the shower. She was doing her thing when Logan enters the same shower and just starts kissing her. Weird thing is, even though she saw Logan as ‘creepy’ step son, she didn’t show any resistance at all when he starts advancing. Logan slowly undresses while he run his hands and tongue all around Nina. Nina occasionally reaches for his dick while do some intro on each other. After that, Nina turns around, kneels and starts sucking him off. This step son is hung enough to make Nina make some gagging noises sometimes. When she’s done, she stands up again and turns around. Logan lifts up on her legs and starts fucking Nina from behind. He sits down on the tub afterwards while still fucking her. They moved on outside the shower to use the carpet as a fuck place. After some preliminary dick sucking, Nina goes on all fours and gets fucked from behind again. Nina eventually lie down and Logan follows. He starts fucking her sideways with one of her legs in the air. After a while, Nina offers up her MILF tits for some titty fucking. Logan now lies down on the floor and Nina rides the dick for a while. They lay down again side by side to fuck her sideways for the last time. When he’s about to finish, Logan stands up and jacks himself off and showers his step mom some tender loving cum.


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