Robert Axel's Boy Butt Fucked in Proctology Exam Gone Awry


Dana Vespoli, Robert Axel


Some people just want to be away from doctors in any time in their life. Some just have rational fears on about their bodies so they regularly go to doctors for a checkup and surprises are usually a thing. Like for Robert here, before visiting, he didn’t know that he, a muscular big man can take a fake dick into his ass. You learn new things every day. In essence, his proctology examination had gone awry… or is it? As his doctor comes in, he’s surprised as Dana Vespoli enters with some ‘unconventional’ doctor accessories. His heart jumps as Dana holds a familiar looking toy. He knew that something is different this time. The doctor proceeds with usual introductions. Since Robert is already naked, all he had to do is bend over and let the doctor do her thing. She caresses that firm ass of Robert and applied some liquid to ease up his asshole. As god moves in mysterious ways, so is the doctor’s hand. Her hand just teases his asshole as if she’s playing with a very delicate toy. This goes on for a while until the doctor pauses for a while. When she resumes touching him, he feels it’s not her hands anymore. It might be okay if it’s some tool for examination or another. But it’s not. Doctor strapped on a large fake dick to fuck his ass hard. He thought it was demeaning and weird at first but he just let it slide this time and see where it goes. Same with the fake dick. But it’s not every day that a hot doctor chooses to peg the living shit out of you. He tries to enjoy the moment. When the doctor knew that Robert is fully okay with it, she flips over and continued what she’s doing, but this time, Robert’s dick is now hers to do what she like. As Robert gets fucked in the ass, he and the doctor alternately jacked off his big black dick. The doctor gets creative for a while like using her feet to continue penetrating his ass while he jacks off. Apparently, it’s enough for Robert to cum buckets after his ‘proctology’ examination.


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