Sovereign Syre's Movie Audition in Hollywood


If you ever experienced having no choice but to use cold showers before, you might remember that the first touch of the water is the most difficult one. In the same line, Sovereign Syre makes a flashback to her first rough fucking featuring the man, the legend, James Deen. As she talks to about it, they made it look like she was at ‘Nam. It was that hard. She visited James at his home at Hollywood Hills to do the ‘interview’. She was received nicely at the front door but as soon she enters the room, James made her suck his fat dick right away. As Sovereign slurps and gags on his dick, James slowly takes of his suit to get ready for this. Sovereign follows and continued sucking him off until James decided to proceed to the real thing. James bent her over the couch and starts fucking her hard even from the start. It was a good old hard fucking at first but as time pass by, James starts to get rough to Sovereign. He hold her down in different places to keep her in place. It was mostly by her neck but Sovereign’s face doesn’t really show any resistance. In fact, there’s a hint of her liking the act so James never ceased what he did. After a while, James flipped her over to make lie on her back. By spreading her legs wide, he continued hard fucking her shaved pussy while he played her big tits in process. James felt the need of changing the position after a while so he grabs her legs and shift her side to side to give him a new angle. He was nice enough to give her smooches while wrecking her cunt. James gives her the chance to control the pace of the fucking when he just sat down and let her do the work. Sovereign made an outstanding job on bouncing up and down while riding his dick. As a reward, he made her kneel down while wrapping something around her head. James works his way to his climax. By using her mouth and jacking himself off, he releases his gratitude into her mouth.


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