Julia Ann and Dana Vespoli: Ass Stuffed and Fucked, Lesbian POV Style


Dana Vespoli invites another fuck goddess into her room for another episode of show and tell. Knowing Dana, this is not a regular show and tell either. She’s gonna get really involved to properly show fans how skilled her guests is. Today, she got Julia Ann, a blonde MILF with big tits and ass. But that’s only the start of this. She got more skills that she wants to show today. Dana is very friendly woman. She gets Julia comfortable by talking to her before going to the real thing. When Julia got really comfortable, Dana now works her way into her body. Not really work since Julia is a willing victim. But basically, Dana now slowly accesses Julia’s cunt as she goes sideways to show how beautiful it is. Dana makes her finger run across it and eventually sticking it inside the ass hole too. Finger fucking is where they’re at at this point. After a while, fingers isn’t enough anymore so Dana grab toys from her collection and sticks it inside Julia’s holes at the same time. This is how Dana make beauties like Julia feel they’re sexy and appreciated. Julia rolls around as Dana does her holes as she likes. Moving on, Dana wants to be more involved in this so she strapped the one inserted in Julia’s hole on and does a little anal fucking POV. Julia goes on all fours after a while to give Dana some ease of access to her ass. Even when Dana removes herself from Julia, Julia still uses the same toys to play with herself. Julia’s passion gets really shown here. She really likes being stuffed hard in her holes. Dana knows this and gets a massive dildo to stick way up Julia’s ass. Even at this point, Julia smiles as if her ass is not being wrecked as of the moment.


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